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Our Services

Body Shop:
Honda Fort’s body shop is considered to be one of the best in Lahore. It is equipped with the latest technology for body pulling, setting and measuring and with state of the art paint booths ensuring that all your service needs are fulfilled.
For further inquiries contact:
Jamil Gill
Manager Body Shop Honda Fort (Pvt.) Ltd.
Tel: (042) 36314162-3, 36376062-3, 36309062-3 Ext:321, 322
Email: bodyshop@hondafort.com

Mechanical Shop:

Honda’s after sales service is acknowledged to be among the very best. With state of the art technology and a highly skilled workforce, Honda Fort ensures that your Honda receives the special personalized care that it deserves.
For further inquiries contact:
Shahid Janjua
Manager Service (Mechanical) Honda Fort (Pvt.) Ltd.
Tel: (042) 36314162-3, 36376062-3, 36309062-3 Ext:318Mob: 0300-8492575
Email: mechanicalshop@hondafort.com

Spare Parts:

Honda Genuine Spare Parts are available for all Honda Vehicles.We want you to know that our aim is to provide Total Honda Support at all times with Parts availability at our Dealership. Honda Fort is one place you can be sure it’s absolutely genuine and available. NOTE: All Honda Genuine Parts carry 6 months warranty from Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Ltd.
For further inquiries contact:
Syed Muhammad Kashif Raza Kazmi
Manager Parts Honda Fort (Pvt.) Ltd.
Tel: (042) 36314162-3, 36376062-3, 36309062-3 Ext:318 Mob: 0345-8182786
Email: spareparts@hondafort.com